Salmon Hunter

Bronze Limited Edition of 40
12” L x 3” W x 16” H
Pre-Casting price $ 4,895
Release price $ 5,950

Essential to the existence of many native peoples, Salmon were and are an integral part of life.

This is the story of “Salmon Hunter” the mask:

I am Salmon, King of the selfless. My sacrifice perpetuates the great cycle of abundance. I am born among the stones in the high places. The waters are fresh and swift. I am guided by the great knowledge that runs in all things. In the flow, without resistance, I am drawn into a mighty place of blue where my journeys are vast. I am the hunter and the hunted. I grow strong and become the greatness that has been given me. My senses are sharp and I feel the beating drum of my ancestors coursing in my blood.

In my being, I feel the moan of Bear and the cry of Eagle calling for the great return. All my strength is given; I am guided by the knowledge of where I come from. I know my purpose. It is greater than myself and I gladly give all that I am for the continuation of life. I am the birth, the life and the death in this eternal ebb and flow of energy that takes life to have life. My flesh and bone are given back to our mother, my descendants continue the great cycle.

I am Salmon Hunter, the Guardian and I join my ancestors in our great return to source.

Current images are in clay prior to casting in bronze; a pre-casting sale price is being offered. The piece is currently at the foundry. Year completed: 2014.

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