RememberMedium: Steel & Aluminum
Dimensions: 50” L x 2” W x 36” H
Price $ 3,945.00

This sculpture is about remembering a time not that long ago, but very distant from our own experience. In a time when people were expanding into the world, lands were gained and lands were lost. New ways of life took over and old ones were gone. History may glorify and condemn, but what is constant and certain is that there are always two sides, and through the eyes of those that were experiencing the moment, they were right. A native people’s way of life was changed forever, and it was not without great pain and sorrow. A new way of life has formed that is now the world over.

This is an original wall-hanging sculpture incorporating transparent dyes aluminum and steel with multiple layers and depths. The handprints, feathers, shield and eyes are offset at varying depths up to a 1/2 inch. Year completed: 2013.

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