Artist’s Statement

“Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You”

~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

This statement rings loud and clear. I feel a sense of urgency to create as much art as possible, not because there is some imminent threat, but because there is so much to let out. It is the exploration of what is possible and how far I can go. This is my focus. I believe in the uniqueness of our individuality and the expression of that. To be you is real. It is recognized and celebrated throughout the world. We all have a story, and I believe art tells a story as well. In my work, I hope there is a story that reveals some meaning to the things we see or to things that go easily unnoticed. An emotion, a feeling or an appreciation is what I hope to provide through my art. Each piece I create is an experience in discovering the nuances of creation that I had never noticed before. Life is an extraordinary  journey, and art is a journey of its own. Perhaps through art, we can appreciate and take notice of what the Universe has provided us.

I am grateful for the opportunity and excited to see what else is in store.